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Mike Bishop

You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles




The website

Okay, I admit it, I got so hacked-off with cascading style sheets that I used tables for layout this time round. Lazy, perhaps, but at least everything behaves as it ought to.

Most of this website was redesigned using (since Nvu is now dead in the water) Composer in Mozilla SeaMonkey, just for speed, then tweaked in Bluefish, for clarity and goodliness. When I remember, I run it through HTMLTidy and possibly even a validator, then I check it on various flavours of Mozilla (including Firefox, of course), Opera, Internet Exploder 6 and 5.5, Konqueror, and Lynx; if it doesn't work with anything else, I'm sorry: I've made the effort.


I use Linux (Ubuntu, various versions). I did all my early publishing work on Acorns (BBCs and Archimedes) and when my last Arc died in the same week as Acorn folded, I was forced to turn to Windoze. Talk about primitive... Anyway, discovering Linux set me onto the path to real computing and I even occasionally teach myself a new computing language, only to forget it the next week. Is Linux ready for the desktop? I've been using it that way for the past six years, but I'm not convinced that Windoze is quite there yet.


There have allegedly been visitors here... the broken glass set into the tops of the walls doesn't seem to have kept them out...
Any comments to mcbishop@pobox.com
(beware the ravenous spam-eating defences)
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