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Archaeological Illustration

I have undertaken a range of drawing jobs, mostly for my own benefit, and a few of them are displayed here. For the sake of convenience, a thumbnail picture on this page is accompanied by a brief description; click on the thumbnail and a larger version of the illustration will open in a separate window (or tab, if you're smart enough to use Firefox). Oh come on, now: you're not so sad that you really want to look, are you?

Camomile Street soldier

The Camomile Street soldier (pen and ink, 1981) 86K

Chinese warrior

One of the Chinese warrior figures (pen and ink, 1989) 94K


Republican breastplate from Numantia (pen and ink, 1989) 69K


Tombstone of Marcius Probus (pen and ink, 1993) 149K


Some Roman belt plates (pen and ink, 1993) 43K

shield boss

Shield boss from Mainz (pen and ink, 1993) 75K

Alba Iulia soldier

Armoured soldier figure from Alba Iulia, Romania (digital, 1995) 123K

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