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You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles


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Be advised: this homepage may do things to you for which – sadly, dear reader – I cannot be held responsible. Nevertheless, feel free to venture into my strange and slightly off-kilter world. Here you will find barely credible details of my exploits as an archaeological writer and publisher, as well as my deeds of derring-do as a fearless (yet ultimately kind to cuddly animals) field archaeologist faced with the collective and multi-facetted pan-disciplinary inanities that are... developer-funded archaeology in the UK.

To use this website you need remember only one thing: to get back to this page, just click on the image of the legionary building stone in the top left-hand corner. The MENU THINGY should do the rest for you...

Enjoy this web page whilst you may. I have a big brush laden with new HTML bristles and change will soon be coming. Well, soonish...

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