Mike Bishop

My mission statement remains: more mission, less statement

Revised, refreshed, and titivated beyond recognition, this, the homepage of Mike Bishop, may nevertheless still do things to you for which – sadly, dear reader – I cannot be held responsible. Nevertheless, feel free to venture into my strange and slightly off-kilter world. Here you will find barely credible details of my exploits as an archaeological writer and publisher, as well as my deeds of derring-do as a fearless (yet ultimately kind to cuddly animals) field archaeologist (and, most recently, wan and saucer-eyed interpreter of aerial photographs).

You can follow me on Twitter and Flickr, or find me on Academia.edu and LinkedIn, but I do not frequent FaceBook.

To use this website you need remember only one thing: to get back to this page, just click on the nice brass lobate hinge. Now, let the fun and games begin!

You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles

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