Hadrian’s Wall

I walk Hadrian’s Wall. Quite a lot. No, really, probably more than is healthy, in fact. I doubt there are many archaeologists who walk it more than me, but I might be wrong. It all started back in 2005, when Andante Travels asked me to start leading walks along it. Ever since then I’ve done it at least once a year, and sometimes as often as three times. This led me on to taking rather a lot of photos of it, mapping it, writing archaeological guide books to it, tweeting and blogging about it, and even starting a spasmodic and  desultory podcast about the wretched thing. All that and I only actually dug on it once, at Rudchester fort.The Wall at Thorny Doors

I first visited the Wall in 1979, when I cycled along it. I cycled it again in 1983 (that time on a tandem), have driven along it many times, and even flown along it too. But mainly I walk it.

If, for some obscure reason, you feel you too might like to walk it with me, then the STUFF column on the right will usually contain details of at least one forthcoming stomp along that venerable pile of stones. If, however, you would just like to read about me doing it, then choose either the east to west or west to east version.