(In)frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have an iFAQ page?

Why not?

Do you have any heroes?

Nope. There are people I distinctly admire for their accomplishments – Robert Forster (no, not the popstar, the real Robert Forster), Werner Voß, Gertude Bell, David Hume, Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan and, last but not least, Garrison Keillor – but I doubt it matters to any of them or even, come to think of it, you. They are all only human; we at least have that in common.

Will you appear on our TV show?

Probably not. I’ve done local radio a few times (I look better on that than on TV) but I once popped up on Digging For Britain, jabbering about Roman cavalry. If need be, I will point you at someone more media friendly than me.

Will you review X for us?

No. Don’t ask and you won’t be forced to find out how much I despise the academic review as a waste of dead trees. I will however point you to someone who is less fussy.